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The Braves throughout the years…A Look at Greg Maddux

Posted by m1fournier on May 18, 2009


Greg Maddux, a future hall of famer, and a class act in the game of baseball. As a member of the Atlanta Braves from 1993-2003.  Maddux was one of the main anchors of that incredible pitching staff that the Braves had in 1990’s. As a Braves player he won 3 of his 4 Cy Young awards, (1993-1995), and also won 194 games in an Atlanta uniform.

In addition to his 11 years in Atlanta Maddux played 10 years in a Chicago Cubs uniform(2 different stints), he also played 2 years with the Dodgers, and played 1 more year with the Padres. Thorughout his career he won 18 gold gloves(a record), was named to 8 all star teams, and was one of the main components for the Braves in the 1995 World Series win.

Greg Maddux signed with Braves in 1993 and made an immediate splash by going 20-10, posting a 2.36 ERA and winning the Cy Young Award. And in 2003 he won 16 games for the Braves, with a 3.96 ERA, Maddux started strong with the Braves and finished strong. He is the only pitcher in MLB history to ever win 15 games in 17 consecutive seasons. 


Maddux was the main component of the Braves pitching triad in the 90’s, (Maddux, John Smoltz, and Tom Glavine). The group combined for 6 Cy Young awards in the 1990’s and lead the Braves to 14 conssecutive division championships. But, not only was Maddux a brillant pitcher with Braves, but he was one of the classiest guys in the organizations history. Maddux will always be remembered in a Braves uniform in my eyes and I can’t wait for the day that he is inducted into the Hall of Fame as an Atlanta Brave. Long live one of the greatest pitchers in the history of the game Greg Maddux.




Greg Maddux Career Stats


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