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Chipper Jones Leaves in the 7th with a Sore Elbow!

Posted by m1fournier on May 10, 2009

chipper-jonesThe injury problems for one the greatest Braves of all time, Chipper Jones continue…this time it’s a sore right elbow. The Atalnta Journal Constituion says that Jones coud miss at least the first game and possibly even the second game of the Braves upcoming series with the Mets. Jones said, “I’ve had a pretty serious case of tendinitis in my elbow all year, coupled with hyperextending it today, it got to a point where I couldn’t really throw across the infield.” The 37 year old has been battling injuries for the past few seasons now and this injury is just another in a series of many for the aging superstar. Not only was he injured and had to leave the game, but he went 0-3, ending his 29 game hitting streak against the Phillies.

Let’s hope this injury doesn’t keep Jones out for too long because the Braves need to have his bat in this young and incosistent lineup. More to come on this injury on Jones.


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