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Vote for the 2009 Braves to the All Star Game and Get 50% Tickets !!!

Posted by m1fournier on May 9, 2009

mlb-2009-asgThe Atlanta Braves organization are making a strong push for their fans to vote often and vote early for people to vote for the Braves into the All Star game. This year the All Star game is being held in St. Louis, and the Braves are offering 50% off tickets if fans vote the maximum number of times for Braves players(25 times).  So everyone should go out and vote for Braves players to be in the All Star game. Vote often and vote early!

If you follow this link it will bring to were you need to go if you want to vote the maximum number of times and then receive 50% off of Atlanta Braves tickets. Click Here

Here the direct link to the All Star ballet…just in case you want to vote for no Braves and not get 50% off your Braves tickets. Click Here


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